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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to the most common questions received through e-mail and customer feedback. If you do not see an answer to your question listed below please contact us and we will be sure to respond.

Q – Does a Balletband contain latex?
A – YES, EVERY BALLETBAND CONTAINS LATEX. presently there is no latex-free Balletband. We are doing our best to create a Latex free alternative but at present moment every Balletband contains Latex and natural rubber compounds. If you are allergic to Latex or worried about developing an allergic reaction to Latex then do not use a Balletband.
Caution: Balletband Contains Natural Rubber Latex Which May Cause Allergic Reactions

Q – Is there a minimum recommended age for Balletband use?
A – Balletband is designed for use by professional and advanced level dancers. Balletband is NOT A TOY and is not recommended for use by  anyone under the age of 13.

Q – Can a Balletband Break? How durable is it?
A – Yes, as with any latex resistance band a Balletband can tear and break. Balletband is one of the most durable resistance bands on the market to date and is designed to last, however, if a small tear occurs anywhere on the band it will eventually rip where the tear occurred. Avoid using Balletband on rough surfaces like a wood floor or sidewalk as it will eventually damage the Balletband causing a rip. A typical dance studio floor should not easily cause a rip or tear in a Balletband but prior to every use always check your Balletband for any rips or tears. If you discover any rips or tears on your Balletband discontinue use and discard it immediately.

Q – What is your return/refund policy?
A – We honor all return/refund requests, if you are not 100% satisfied with your Balletband purchase simply e-mail us at or click here and be sure to add “ATT-REFUND” in the subject line.

Q – Can I place an order for delivery in the United States using a credit card from outside of the United States?
A – No, unfortunately this is not possible as the appropriate shipping fees will not be properly added to your order total, we only accept and process orders that are processed using a credit card that has an address in the United States.

Q – I just placed an order, how long until I receive it in the mail?
A – All Balletband orders are guaranteed to ship within 3 days of the order being placed via USPS Priority Mail. Depending on your address location it can take up to an additional 3 days for delivery to your door.

Q – I just placed my order and have not yet received my email ship notification info via email, why?
A – Depending on the time of day you placed your order it may take up to 24 hours to receive your ship notification via email.

Q – I do not have a credit card, will you accept a check or money order?
A – No, we only process transactions through credit/debit cards or Paypal.

Q – I work for an education organization, may I place a Balletband order and process payment through a ‘Purchase Order’ ?
A -No we do not process payment via purchase orders, we only process orders using a major credit card via Paypal, no exceptions.

Q – Who invented Balletband?
A – A professional ballet dancer named Todd Fox

Q – My Balletband looks like everyone else’s, how can I make certain which is mine?
A – Simply write your name on it with any permanent marker or ball point pen.

Q – Is Balletband a toy?
A – No, Balletband is NOT A TOY and should not be used by anyone under the age of 13

Q – I just received my Balletband and it has a tiny bit of fine powder on it, is this normal and how do I get it off?
A – Yes this is normal, in the making of a Balletband that powder has to be applied to keep the bands from sticking together when they are cut to size. Washing the Balletband in regular soap and water should remove any and all residue as well as dirt from the rubber. You may also choose to dampen a cloth using 91% rubbing alcohol and use it to scrub your Balletband clean.

Q – I want to place a bulk order of over 50 pieces for my school or retail location, who do I get in contact with for a quote?
A – Presently we are not offering bulk ordering of Balletbands.

Q – I own/operate a retail dance shop and want to become a Balletband retailer, how do I secure an account?
A – Presently we are not offering bulk ordering of Balletbands.

Q – Do you offer Balletband in any color beside green?
A – No

Q – Can I purchase a Balletband on this website and have it delivered to a country outside the USA?
A – No, all orders processed on are for delivery to addresses in the USA only. We used to ship internationally but unfortunately the international shipping cost now actually exceeds the price of the Balletband and we experienced too many lost orders due to inconsistencies with international postal services.